Hello Practice2000 users,

This email is written to announce a big change! After many days of hard work we have achieved our goal of being part of the latest online storage trend. Together with Docappointments, we present a new, long-awaited function for Practice2000: the Online Appointment Book. It enables users to actively access and manages their Appointment Books anywhere, anytime and across many platforms and operating systems. This brings an enormous potential to save time, money and increase service quality.

Detailed information on the topic can be found in this website.

If you think that this new and exciting technology is for you and your clinic, please go here to register. DocAppointments' technicians will then contact and guide you through the rest of the installation.

Videos and documents of the Online Appointment System can be found at this link.

A quick summary of the main features of this online application:


–       Book an appointment anytime, anywhere and across many devices

–       Freely choose your doctor if available

–       Cancel appointments

Your clinic:

–       You can manage the availability of each doctor

–       Block patients’ ability to make appointments

–       Access patients’ details online

–       Doctors can choose to accept appointments exclusively from existing patients, or include new patients as well

For a list of the full advantages, please click here.

We believe that the Online Appointment Book will truly enhance your experience of Practice Management Software.

Please feel free to reach us by on support(at)abaki.com for assistance of any kind.

Best regards,

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